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Encountering Jesus

Taking the first step is Simple. He is real but we have to engage with his presence. Try saying this out loud and waiting a couple minutes in silence. Jesus, I want to encounter you. Reveal yourself to me and fill my heart with your peace and joy”

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Its like a new road you haven’t traveled. Get some practical steps to go on that journey

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We were always meant to exercise Jesus with other people.

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I didn't believe in Jesus, then this happened!

I never really knew about Jesus or heard of him. But couple days ago I had a dream of Jesus visiting me in my room and telling me how much he loves me. - Sarah

OMG! All My Anxiety Left

After listening to the webinar Tony prayed for me and all my anxiety left instantly! I have never felt more peace, Jesus is real!! - Mimi

I was lost in Life, Then Jesus showed up

After going through a horrible divorce & loss of family, I went into severe depression for 3 years. Then I saw a facebook post about Jesus. I gave him my life and all my depression left.

I Got Healed

I asked Jesus into my heart & felt heat all over my body. As soon as I felt the heat all my pain from my body went away. - Josh

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